Getting started with iTunes and iPod

Pretty much since I played my first mp3, I have been using Winamp, but after getting an iPod Classic, I realized that I had to install iTunes to achieve the full functionality.
Importing my music collection to iTunes was relatively fast, and I spent a couple of hours to correct misspellings in artist and album names etc.

I discovered iLyrics, which imports lyrics for the songs you have from LyricWiki. A very neat feature, especially because you can click the middle button on the iPod a couple of times to display the current song’s lyrics.

I have been using for quite some time, so I wanted a plugin for the integration of this service. iScrobbler didn’t work well, but luckily, (experimental) iPod support had been introduced in the current official release, which enables me to scrobble the songs I have listened to on my iPod.

I have a few iPod-links and I also keep a list of podcasting links, however, I mostly listen to the DR podcasts (in Danish).